Reducing your energy bills

Our laundry habits can have a big impact on monthly heating costs. Here are some simple ways to reduce your energy consumption and save money on your next utility bill.

  • Wash in cold water. A lot of the energy consumed by washing machines is used to heat water. These days, cold water laundry detergents make washing in cold water just as effective as washing at warmer temperatures. And cold water washing is easier on clothes, so you’ll get extra life from your wardrobe while saving money on heating bills.

  • Use an energy-efficient washing machine. High-Efficiency (HE) washing machines use detergents that are specially formulated to work in less water, which will reduce your energy consumption and save you money over time. You can save even more by looking into available government rebates on ENERGY STAR™ qualified products.

  • Give your dryer a break! If it’s a sunny day, save on energy costs by hanging clothes outside to dry. If the weather doesn’t allow that, try setting up a drying rack in the
    laundry room.

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